Essential Health Apps for Seniors
Wellness March 27, 2018

Essential Health Apps for Seniors

Mobile applications generally target the millennial population. However, with the growth in technology, various types of applications are being made available for seniors. There are more than a dozen health applications seniors can use to make their lives more comfortable. As opposed to the common misconception that seniors are far from using smartphones and smartphone apps, more and more seniors are using smartphones every day. This helps application developers cater to this untapped market of making health-related apps for our seniors. Here are some applications every senior should have on their phone or should be aware of.


Seniors can now check and track their blood pressure with this pedometer mobile application called Pacer available on Android and iOS phones. Pacer also allows seniors to check their BMI and manage their weight. One can set daily goals related to health and fitness and fulfill them with the help of this app.


Seniors can maintain their fitness with the help of this senior fitness workouts app Fitivity. People above the age of 50 can benefit from this app as it is made specifically for seniors. With the help of Fitivity, seniors can achieve their fitness levels and make and follow their own workout routine.

Pill Monitor

It is essential to stay active to maintain good health. Skipping medication can lead to health-related problems and keep you away from your daily favorite activities. The Pill Monitor application helps you to take your medication at the right time. You can set up reminders by date, day, and time. This app even helps you send your doctor your medication log.

Daily Yoga

People can benefit from yoga at any age. There are many yoga poses that people with bodily limitations can perform to attain good health. With the help of Daily Yoga, one can learn and perform a variety of yoga poses that have many health benefits. Seniors can perform yoga every day using Daily Yoga and learn about this way of fitness.

Instant Heart Rate

Whenever there is a need to check the heart rate, seniors can do so by using Instant Heart Rate. This application is user-friendly where one can check the heart rate by simply placing a thumb on the phone’s camera lens and wait till ten seconds. Seniors who spend a lot of time outdoors or exercise regularly can benefit from this application.


Seniors who are going through some cognitive impairments that are accompanied by Alzheimer’s and some other types of dementia can spend some time on Clevermind. This app has several quizzes and games that help the seniors exercise their brain. There are big buttons, voice command controls, and a calendar to make this application more user-friendly for seniors.

There are several other mobile applications the seniors can use and benefit from. Staying healthy and fit is everybody’s goal, including the seniors. With such applications, these goals can be achieved easily.