Foods to Avoid for Diabetes

Foods to Avoid for Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition that results in the pancreas producing inadequate insulin. While there are medications and treatments to help manage diabetes symptoms, the foods you eat can have a negative impact on your condition:

Diabetics should avoid these foods:

1. Sugar-sweetened drinks
Sweet drinks like sodas are very high in carbs, and it will increase your blood sugar levels in your system, and also the high fructose in them can be linked to insulin resistance and a high risk of fatty liver and obesity among other things.

2. Pasta and rice
These meals are very high in carbs but yet low in fiber, so the combination of both can lead to a high sugar level in the blood. But as an alternative, you could choose high fiber, whole food, and this may help reduce your blood sugar response.

3. Trans fat
Trans-fat is really unhealthy, most especially the industrial ones; these are found in margarine, peanut butter, and frozen dinners. Trans fat is unsaturated fats that have been altered by chemicals to improve their stability. They are well known to increase belly fats and other diseases.

4. Flavored yogurts
These are made from nonfat or low-fat milk, and it has a lot of carbs and sugar. A cup of yogurt is considered to contain about 47grams of sugar, which means about 81% of its calories come from sugar. Plain yogurt or whole milk yogurt is a different story; they can be suitable for people with diabetes.

5. Breakfast cereals
You must avoid eating cereals in the morning if you have diabetes because that’s a terrible way to start your morning. Cereals are very high in carbs and also low in protein. Taking a breakfast that’s high in protein and low in carbs is an excellent way to start your day if you have diabetes and an excellent way to control your appetite.

6. Flavoured coffee drinks
These are very high in carbs, specifically refined sugar, which can raise your sugar levels and can also fail to satisfy your hunger. Taking just coffee can be really good for your health, including a reduced risk of diabetes.

7. Honey and maple syrup
These forms of sweetness can spike up your blood sugar levels even if they aren’t as processed as white table sugar.

8. Dried fruits
Try taking fruits with low sugar because they are a good source of vitamins and potassium. Dried fruits contain three times the sugar than the typical fruit because it becomes concentrated when it gets dried. So you should avoid dried fruits and eat fresh fruits for blood sugar control.

9. Fruit juice
Sweetened fruit juices and unsweetened fruit juice have as much sugar as sodas have, they high in fructose and can worsen your insulin resistance, and this would promote weight gain and can cause heart disease.

10. French fries
As much as this looks tasty and tastes good, you should definitely stay clear of these if you have diabetes; they are made with unhealthy oils that could promote inflammation and increase the risk of cancer and heart diseases.