How to Deal With Caregiver Burnout
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How to Deal With Caregiver Burnout

Prompt treatment, compassion, and timely care can help seniors live a healthier and happier life. However, the fulltime job of a caregiver requires you to have immense patience and a whole lot of perseverance. Whether the caregiver is a professional or a family member, caregiving is typically a highly demanding enterprise despite the caregiver’s best intentions. Several observations on caregivers reveal that most of them undergo a lot of emotional toll that can spike up stress levels. This is especially true in case of hired caregivers who often experience caregiver burnouts and find it exceedingly difficult to deal with it. When it comes to alleviating soaring stress levels, it is important for caregivers to take care of themselves to reduce the risk of being drained, developing health problems, and experiencing complete burnout. Here are some of the tips that can help you deal with caregiver burnout.

Love yourself first
That’s right! It is extremely essential for caregivers to put their physical needs high up on their priority list before everything else. This would not only help you stay healthy, it could also help you do a better job. Most experts recommend caregivers to eat well balanced and nutritious meals and not give in to their urges for comfort food. Additionally, you must not compromise on your sleep schedule. Try sleeping for at least eight hours every night and ensure you squeeze in some shut-eye time during the day. You must also make it a point to get some exercise throughout the week. For caregivers who experience symptoms of anxiety and depression, ensure you talk to an experienced counsellor.

Do not miss out on fun
It is extremely important that you strike a healthy work–life balance and stay connected with close family and friends. Caregivers are known to be extremely stressful in isolation. A good way to destress yourself may be getting together with close friends or family members and having some fun.

Look around for some help
You could make your job easier by making a list of all the things you are obliged to do and rope in people to help you out. You could call a distant relative or friends to manage certain tasks.

Embrace your choice
Despite the frustrations associated with the job, it is essential that you do not get burdened by it. It is important to realize that providing care is a conscious choice that you should embrace. Since you may have various reasons to provide care, you can remember the deep and meaningful motivations that prompted you to take up this job. This motivation will help keep you going even in trying times.

Take a break
Taking a break is a great idea not only because you deserve it but also since your ailing senior may get someone else’s company. You can consider escaping to a nearby weekend getaway with friends or relatives or just travel solo. Alternatively, you could do things that can help you relax. You can consider practicing a relaxation technique such as meditation, deep breathing, and exercise or take up a hobby like listening to music, gardening, or reading.

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