Managing and Treating Diabetes with Insulin

Managing and Treating Diabetes with Insulin

One of the common and important treatments for diabetes is insulin therapy. Insulin is sensitive to heat and oxygen exposure. An insulin bottle once opened cannot be used for more than 28 days, it needs to be discarded before that. This is because the insulin loses its effect.

The role that insulin plays in your body
It is necessary to understand how insulin normally works to know why insulin therapy is needed for treating diabetes. Here is what insulin does to your body and how it affects you-

  • Stores glucose for energy
    When your insulin levels are high, whatever you eat, the excess glucose of it is stored in your liver in the form of glycogen. However, in between your meals, the insulin levels are low, and glucose is released into your bloodstream that was stored in your liver in the form of glycogen. This process is helpful because it regulates your sugar and keeps it in the narrow range. If you are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, your pancreas secrete little or no insulin. Whereas, if you have type 2 diabetes, your body does not produce enough insulin or has become resistant to the action of insulin. This leads to increase in the level of glucose in your bloodstream and it is unable to enter the cells of your body. Blindness, nerve damage, and kidney damage are the possible complications if high blood sugar is left untreated.
  • Insulin regulates the sugar in your bloodstream
    The key job of insulin is to maintain a normal range of glucose in your bloodstream. When you consume any food, the carbohydrates in it break down into glucose. This glucose is the primary source of energy in your body and it enters your bloodstream to provide the energy. Pancreas are responsible for producing insulin in your body. Insulin allows glucose to enter your tissues as well.

The treatment plan of insulin therapy
By keeping your blood sugar in your target range, insulin therapy can prevent the complications that come up with diabetes. Here is how usually the treatment plan of insulin therapy goes about-

  • The type and amount of insulin
    There are various types of insulin available, it tends to vary depending on how long and how quickly the insulin can control blood sugar. There are various factors that are considered to determine which type of insulin you need and how much insulin you need. Some of the major factors are the type of diabetes you have, your glucose levels, your lifestyle, and how much does your blood sugar fluctuates throughout the day.
  • The ways to deliver insulin
    Several times in a day, insulin may be needed to be injected underneath your skin. It depends on how severe your condition is. Syringes, injection pens, or insulin pumps can be used to inject insulin into your body. Even Afrezza, which is a rapid-acting insulin, is available in the country. You need to inhale it at the beginning of each meal. However, it may not be suitable for everyone and it does not replace the long-acting insulin. You should consult your doctor whether Afrezza is suitable for you or not.

When you have diabetes, insulin therapy along with other medical treatments is not enough. You need to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle to prevent the complications that come up with diabetes as well.