Natural Remedies for Fleas

Natural Remedies for Fleas

A flea is a small insect that survives externally as a parasite in mammals and birds. Some of the woes of fleas include anemia, tapeworms, allergy, and cat scratch fever. Fleas are a big problem if they infest on pets. 

Some of the symptoms that could notify a pet owner that their pet is flea-infested include bites on the host’s body. They are small red dots that often appear on the tail base, neck, back, or legs. They are itchy at first and later turn to minor wounds. Although most fleas find shelter in pets such as dogs and cats, some infest themselves on human beings. There are several natural remedies for doing away with fleas. They include:

1. Dish soap
The remedy involves creating a mixture of both dish soap and some warm water and then place it in rooms where the fleas are most active. For the treatment to be effective, put a fresh mixture every night because fleas are nocturnal. The solution is viscous; therefore, it acts as glue and traps fleas. Besides, the placement of a candle near the solution increases effectiveness. It is, however, not advised due to the possibility of causing accidents.

2. Baking soda
This remedy is most useful when the fleas are hiding along with furniture and carpets. It merely involves laying down baking soda on the infected surfaces. After that, the next step is to brush the fabric and vacuum everywhere, later emptying the contents outside in an enclosed can.

3.DIY lemon flea spray
A citrus spray sprayed on the furniture infected is another perfect remedy for come up with this solution, a sliced lemon is required. Add thin slices of lemon into water and bring the mixture to a boil. The acquired solution should then be allowed to stay overnight. It should then be emptied into a spray bottle and later sprayed over the infected surfaces, but not to the extent of soaking, dampening works efficiently.

4. Diatomaceous earth
It is essential to note and remember that even though we recommend this remedy, the powder can irritate eyes and throat. A face mask is highly commendable when using the powder.

Diatoms refer to the remains of the fossils of algae. They are microscopic. The powder is an effective remedy for fleas due to its ability to dehydrate. Using this powder requires one to sprinkle it over the infested areas in thin layers. It is essential to vacuum the place two days after.

5. Flea repelling plants like rosemary
The rosemary plant is a native of the Mediterranean. It is an evergreen herb with a fragrance with specific benefits in health and the ability to be used in the manufacture of oils and perfumes. Having the plant around infested places is an effective remedy for doing away with fleas. It is simple because you only need to have the plant naturally in flower pots and beds then place them near the places with fleas. In conclusion, having discussed the five remedies for fleas, it is important to note these others: using herbal flea spray and also salt. Other plants repel fleas include:

  • Penny Royal
  • Lavender
  • Spearmint
  • Chrysanthemums

In case they persist, it is essential to consult a professional. Ensuring the cleanliness is also vital in chasing fleas.