Popular Unhealthy Kid’s Snacks

Popular Unhealthy Kid’s Snacks

As George Bernard Shaw says, “there’s no sincere love than the love of food.” However, not all foods are healthy to consume, especially for young children who are picky eaters.

Among the most unhealthy snacks for kids, are:

1. Lunch combo packs
One of the most popular lunch combo packs is Lunchables. Lunchables can range from simple meat, cheese and crackers to pizzas, tacos and pancakes. Yet, as amazing as this sounds these lunch packs do not provide the nutritional value that a child needs. A single Lunchable contains high amounts of sugar, salt and saturated fat. In addition, this meal contains hormonal soy protein and lacks vitamin c. The creator of Lunchables, Bob Drane, does not feed this unhealthy meal to his own kids because of what it contains.

2. Veggie chips
Just the name “veggie chips” can make someone consider these chips a healthy alternative to potato chips. In reality, the nutritional value sought in these snacks are lost when processed. The chips not only lack nutrients, but contain no protein or fiber. The only reason that a veggie chip is considered a better alternative to potato chips is because of the lack of calories. The calories come from the oil when fried.

3. Yogurt tubes
The reason why certain yogurt tubes can be unhealthy for kids is a result of containing added sugars, food dyes and Carrageenan. Statically, children are recommended to consume only 14-23 grams of sugar. However, thanks to added sugars in products like these, children consume up to 137 grams of sugar. Food dyes provide no specific health benefit and can contribute to hyperactivity in children. Lastly, Carrageenan is a thickening agent found in yogurt products. It is a contributing factor to gastrointestinal problems like colon cancer.

4. Juice boxes
Juice boxes contain large amounts of added sugar. Added sugar can increase the risks of heart disease, childhood obesity and fatty liver disease. A lot of times when parents look at the back of a juice box, they see the names of chemicals that they do not know. Fruit drinks tend to claim that they contain high quantities of vitamin c, but there is little to no fruit juice within the composition of these drinks.

5. Granola bars
Granola bars are believed by many to be a nutritious snack to munch on. However, oat bars possess high quantities of artificial ingredients, added sugars and calories.

High consumption of oat bars can entail risks of heart disease and diabetes.

6. Energy bars
Energy bars can seem to be a great way to have a child ready for their day. Yet, they are sometimes filled with high amounts of calories. Furthermore, they contain added sugars and saturated fats according to health professionals.

7. Apple sauce
Applesauce is a snack that normally contains high amounts of vitamins and healthy minerals for children. However, certain brands can contain heavy chemical additives and high fructose corn syrup.