Symptoms of Adult ADHD

Symptoms of Adult ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, is a type of mental disorder that has its roots in the individual’s neurological development. This condition affects around 5% children in the country and some of them tend to carry the symptoms of this disorder to their adulthood as well. If the symptoms of ADHD in adults are neglected for a period of time, it can cause a lot of mental and physical problems for the individual which will interfere with the individual’s relationships and cause undue strain to the person and the loved ones. It is imperative that people read about the symptoms of adult ADHD and help the individual seek medical help to deal effectively with the condition.

The prominent symptoms of ADHD in adults are as follows-

  • Lack of focus
    The most obvious symptom of ADHD in adults is lack of focus. The individual fails to focus on anything and everything. This lack of focus isn’t the usual absent-mindedness; the person might find it increasingly difficult to focus on matters at hand, can be easily distracted from the task, and find it difficult to listen to conversations. Such people tend to overlook important details and are often unable to complete the task at hand.
  • Hyperfocus
    The flipside of lack of focus is hyperfocus, another evident symptom of ADHD in adults. Contrary to how one acts when the person cannot focus on a particular task, a person with hyperfocus tends to focus overtly on a task and becomes oblivious to the things happening in their surroundings. Such people often tend to neglect others, thereby causing rifts in their relationships.
  • Prioritizing issues
    Adults with ADHD often have problems prioritizing issues. Such people fail to realize the importance of matters and can fail to address immediate matters with the required degree of urgency. This can prove quite detrimental to their work life.
  • Poor listening skills
    Another glaring symptom of ADHD in adults is poor listening skills. Such people often tend to zone out during important business meetings or when they are in the middle of the task. They tend to overlook important instructions which often results in chaos and a lot of missed appointments and misunderstandings as well.
  • Disorganization
    Usually, people tend to organize their appointments or keep their affairs in order. However, adults with ADHD are quite disorganized. It becomes difficult for them to keep things organized, be it their work desk or their appointments, they fail at grasping the idea of organizing stuff. People often dismiss this symptom by asserting that the individual simply lacks organizational skills, when, in fact, this is a serious issue that can cause chaotic situations in the individual’s personal and professional life.
  • Emotional problems
    Almost every individual experiences emotional ups and downs. However, adults with ADHD often experience severe mood swings; one second they will be bored and the other moment they will be excited about trying something on a whim. This can be taxing on the individual’s emotional health and can give rise to frustrating situations. Such emotional problems might lead to stressful relationships and affect the individual’s mental health.