The Top 5 Shoe Trends in 2020
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The Top 5 Shoe Trends in 2020

If you are a fashion lover, high chances are that you have embraced many trendy shoe designs. There is something about a show stopping pair of shoes that makes an outfit. Frankly, shoes make up a significant part of high-end fashion. That said, fashion lovers know too well that every year comes with a new collection of incredible footwear designs. Here, we are going to explore the trendy shoes that are rocking the runways in 2020. 

Below are some spectacular shoe trends in 2020 that will make your outfits pop:

1. Chain detail leather loafers

Ideally suited for days at the office and casual meetings, meet these dream leather chain detail loafers. These shoes come in different spectacular classy designs and colors. If you understand shoe fashion, you will want to visit the Givenchy store to have a glimpse of gold chain details, among other designs. One of the trending models from the Givenchy collection is the pointed toe leather upper flat sole. It has an elastic back that checks your comfort. There are also slip-on designs that come with 100% leather in all parts, including the inner sole. At present, you will find that most of the leather chain detail loafers are either out of stock or in excess demand. It is all about the brand, detail, and quality.

2. Bright colored boots

As always, bright-colored boots are effortless styles for both men and women. The best part is that boots fit all seasons and have never gone out of fashion. Nevertheless, designers have a way of bringing boots into a new life by creating designs with mixtures of transformations. For that reason, you ought to visit the Bottega Veneta store for magnificent models. Here, you will find reinvented cowboy boots, tie me up, cut-out-boots, over-the-knee- glam, thigh-high boots, and ankle wrap sandals, to mention a few. To add, the 2020 collection comes in various colors that accommodate everyone’s preferences. Whether you own work, hiking, or casual boots, it is time to put them aside for a while and look for the new magnificent 2020 designs. There is no chance of disappointments.

3. Espadrille wedges

Well, you are missing a lot, assuming that espadrille wedges are not part of your collection. These designs are simple, stylish, and comfortable. If you have never owned espadrille wedges, 2020 is the time to find your suitable pair because designers are coming up with chick and classy models, and they are not backing down any time soon. For a better idea, the renowned Isabel Marant numerous designs of espadrille wedges made from high-quality fiber and cloth. Talking about Marmalade Espadrille Wedges, Maiden Cross Strap Wedges, Hallie Cross Strap, and Motivate Slim Wedge Espadrilles, and so forth; Isabel Marant has models, heights, colors, and textures that cater for women with varying tastes. Do not get left behind as the 2020 year of wedges has a lot in store for you.

4. Sky high platforms

Undeniably, sky-high platforms have become a trend for the past few years. These shoe designs let your imagination run wild as there is something awkward yet so unique and spectacular about the models. Sky-high platforms are among the ultimate destinations for style-minded men and women. Fortunately, 2020 brings with it designs that match numerous personalities, suit contrasting outfits and have boundless options when it comes to occasions. Marc Jacobs, a reputable and influential designer, has incredible options regarding the insane skyscraper platforms, yet comfortable and cozy.

5. Toe ring sandals

Last but not least, have you ever lost the taste for toe ring sandals? The chances of duping these beauties are minimal because they flatter your feet. These are some of the modest casual ideas for a gorgeous look. Moreover, there is nothing more comfortable to wear than sandals, particularly during heat seasons. Without further ado, check out Miu Miu for a collection of new exclusive designs.