The Trendy Electronics that are Making Homes Smarter

The Trendy Electronics that are Making Homes Smarter

The past few years have ushered in a whole new array of home automation devices, or domotics, engineered to make homes smarter and more convenient. The latest in automatic home electronics include cutting edge security, climate control, entertainment, and even lighting controlled by the push of a button from a single device. If you are waiting to take the dive into smart home electronics, consider that we’ve reached the so-called tipping point in North America, with roughly 30 million smart home devices installed in U.S. homes this year, so says the Consumer Technology Association.

So don’t wait, make your home sweet home smarter and easier to live in with these popular electronics:

1. Voice activated lighting
No, the smart bulb isn’t the icon that appears above your buddy’s head when he says something witty. Smart bulbs are voice activated and controlled lighting made by innovators light GE lighting. They pair with Google Home apps so you can simply screw them into their sockets, see them appear in the app, and use your voice to control all the lighting in your home. Activate, date night lighting!

2. Ahhhhhhh, purified air
Forget getting slowly overtaken by spider plants in order to optimize the air quality in your home. Instead, try a breath of fresh air in an app called Aura Air, a smart home air purification system that can detect VOCs (or volatile organic compounds), carbon monoxide, allergens, and smoke, and if detected, launched an impressive purification process based on the threat, to eliminate them for good.

3. Turn your smartphone into a home camera
Artificial intelligence (or AI) has swept homes by a storm of voice-enabled devices like Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Home, Sonos, and AirPlay 2) this year and last. But what about preventing tragedies like fire? Never fear, the Customer Technology Association annual trade show, CES, unveiled an array of AI that can be transformed into “smart” cameras. One example is smart imaging, which gives the cameras on smartphones and tablets the capability to view, recognize foods, and set the oven temperature and cooking time to heat dishes to gourmet perfection. Another intelligent camera that can protect your home is Smoke Detective, an app that turns camera-enabled devices (i.e., tablets, smartphones, even baby monitors) into smoke alarms by utilizing smoke detecting AI enhanced algorithms.

4. Banish porch pirates
If you’ve been unfortunate enough to order a desired item off Amazon only to have it nicked from your porch, the Key for Garage app will interest you. While video surveillance and camera doorbells may provide some proof of theft to authorities, Amazon has teamed with automatic garage door manufacturer, Chamberlain Group, to provide theft-proof delivery. The device is installed on your garage door opener, allowing delivery persons to drop packages securely in your garage (with no access to your actual home) and closing things back up so your package is safe and sound. Key for Garage also sends delivery alerts.