Things You Should Know About Cohousing
Retirement Planning

Things You Should Know About Cohousing

Different people react differently to retirement; some enjoy the bliss of having spare time, whereas others struggle to attribute a meaning to their life post-retirement. If you are planning to retire in the near future and are contemplating moving out of your old neighborhood to someplace cozy and convenient, you can take a look at cohousing communities in your vicinity.

Cohousing is an intentional community of private homes which are clustered around a shared space. Cohousing is a growing movement where strangers decide to create a community of their own that is close-knit yet gives you the privacy that every individual desires. Each of the houses in this community are equipped with traditional amenities which include a private kitchen as well. In cohousing, even the outdoor spaces are shared; neighbors can share parking spaces, walkways, gardens, and open spaces.

Such a close-knit community might be the exact thing you need after retirement; solitude and friendly neighbors that help you in times of need. So, if cohousing is a viable option for you, here are things you need to know about the same before you search the neighborhood for the right cohousing community.

  • Cohousing is slowly gaining popularity with families and senior citizens. In fact, there are over 100 cohousing communities in the country currently, and the market is growing faster than ever. Moreover, the cohousing rentals and homes don’t last for long on the market as people are eager to be a part of a community. So, your decision to be a part of a fast-growing community isn’t wrong.
  • People often have the notion that if you need to be a part of a community, you need to sacrifice certain things. Cohousing doesn’t require you to sign away your life’s savings to join the community; it is similar to being a part of any other homeowners association. People willingly become a part of cohousing communities, no one coaxes them into joining.
  • Nobody can live all by themselves; humans are social beings and they need social interaction. Cohousing communities offer a great opportunity to people in terms of interaction, form relations, teach children the ropes of being compassionate towards others, and learning to live peacefully in a society.
  • Unlike living in row houses, where the onus of maintaining your surroundings lie on you, in cohousing communities, everyone contributes. Be it monetary or physical efforts, every member of the community pitches in for maintenance activities.
  • Cohousing allows you the opportunity to take advantage of amenities that are otherwise beyond your individual budget. You can treat yourself to the sparkling pool, lush lawn, a nice playground, outdoor grill, or a fully-equipped gym. If you have chosen to be a part of an upscale cohousing community, you might get access to other luxurious amenities that the developer provides.
  • Cohousing communities are a great place to learn new things. Such communities organize programs or workshops to teach the residents something new. This provides kids and senior citizens an opportunity to learn something interesting and keeps them occupied.
  • One of the major benefits of living in cohousing communities is that it reduces your cost of living and isn’t as expensive as other suburban homes. You won’t be missing out on much since you can avail the amenities that are a part of your cohousing community.