Treating Cough, Cold, and Runny Nose
Health March 28, 2018

Treating Cough, Cold, and Runny Nose

Common cold, cough, and a runny nose can get nasty. A viral infection in the upper respiratory tract leads to a common cold. Moreover, some of the other potential causes of a cough, cold, and runny nose are an allergy, exposure to cold or hot weather, potent smells, and inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Treat your scratchy throat and runny nose with these simple yet effective home remedies.

Drink hot liquids
Drinking hot liquids help in relieving congestion and calm the inflamed lining of the throat and nose. A cup of hot herbal tea or honey and one small shot of brandy can soothe the cold and cough. It is to be noted that one should be limited to a single shot as excessive alcohol can aggravate membranes in the throat and nose.

Get some steam
Steam inhalation is one of the traditional methods for relieving oneself from congestion in the respiratory tract. It can loosen up the stuffy nose and give instant relief. You can use a water steamer or hold your head over a pot of boiling water. Breathe in slowly through your nose, but be sure to not let the heat burn your nose. You can also put in some ingredients in the boiling water such as ginger or garlic, which helps in loosening the mucus in the nose. Inhaling steam is considered beneficial for cold and cough too and provides fast relief.

Saltwater rinse
A saltwater rinse can help in breaking the congestion in the respiratory tract.

Mix three tablespoons of salt (iodine free) and one tablespoon of baking soda in lukewarm water. Pour this mixture into a bulb syringe. Lean over a basin and gently squirt the mixture into your nose. Follow the procedure by closing one nostril and squirting the salt water into the other. Follow the same for another nostril as well.

It is recommended to use distilled or previously boiled water while making this mixture or else there is a chance of an infection. In addition, be sure to clean the bulb after every use and let it air dry.

Special tea can do wonders
There are numerous homemade teas that are known to provide relief from a cough, cold and a runny nose. One of the effective recipes for homemade tea is the one with ginger and orange or lemon. Take a two- to three-inch-long ginger and peel a citrus fruit of your choice in a pot of water. Bring the water to boil. Pour the liquid into a mug and drink it twice a day.

Since ginger has a strong flavor, be sure to pour in ginger as per your taste and preference. Moreover, eating citrus fruits will help boost your immune system. So, apart from using orange or lemon in your homemade tea, you can also eat it for getting some extra dose of vitamin C.

If the cold isn’t getting any better, consult the doctor immediately. It is possible that there might be an underlying allergy or infection that is troubling the respiratory tract. Also, there are numerous over-the-counter medications available for treating cough, cold, and a runny nose. It is highly advisable to consult your doctor before taking any medication.