Trendy Lipsticks in Your Makeup Bag

Trendy Lipsticks in Your Makeup Bag

While you might opt for an au natural nude or a super bold red lip, every woman has her favorite style of lipstick. Lipstick style goes beyond an ideal shade of lip color. Lipsticks are made up of matte, satin, gloss, frosted, and plumping styles that differ based on texture, ingredients, and performance. To determine your favorite style of lip color, read on for details on all the major types and how to wear them:

1. Matte lipsticks
If you’re seeking long wear and shine-free lip color option, matte lipstick might be for you. Matte lipstick is best described as the very opposite of gloss. Applying a matte lip color ensures deep color, texture, and seamless coverage with no shine. Matte is often used by celebrities on the red carpet when they’re looking to make a bold, streamlined statement.

2. Lip gloss
Lip glosses create a wet, young, pouty look that’s super high on shine. They’re quintessentially young, fresh, and flirty no matter what color you opt for. Particularly on trend during the summer, lip gloss grabs light and then reflects it back in multiple dimensions. Plus, it’s a great option if your lips tend to dry out because many glosses come with moisturizing ingredients (i.e., aloe, vitamin E, and collagen) to keep lips moisturized and sexy all day to night.

3. Cream lipsticks
Also known as sheer lip color, cream lipsticks do just what they promise, they glide over the lips seamlessly creating a look that’s semi shiny, super nourishing, and full of color and texture. Cream lipsticks are similar to sheer shades, which mean many contain a moisturizing base thanks to a touch of oil or wax so they stay put all day.

4. Lip stain
The lip stain lands nicely between a matte lipstick (because it boasts minimal shine) and lip balm (because it’s low maintenance). Lip stains add a nice, natural yet deeper color to lips and they are meant to be layered with a lip gloss or a lip balm for a soft youthful pout.

5. Lip plumping gloss
The shiny finish of a lip gloss meets the pouty fullness of a lip plumper. These products come in a variety of shades from nude to bold burgundy and contain active ingredients that cause the lips to react and create temporary fullness. Some wearers describe it as a mere tingle while others claim it stings, either way this is triggered by a mild irritant (i.e., menthol or capsicum) which make lips appear fuller.