Useful Running Tips for Every Age
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Useful Running Tips for Every Age

One of the best cardio exercises, running has a positive effect on every part of the body. According to a research paper published in the Journal of the American Cardiology, running for only five to ten minutes at the speed of 6 miles/hour daily can minimize the risk of life-threatening conditions. Furthermore, it also benefits the mental health by improving your mood and relieving stress.

If you are preparing to adopt a running routine soon, then here are some useful tips that can help make your fitness endeavor safer and efficient-

  • Pick the right running shoes
    Running for beginners in the first few days can be strenuous. Therefore, it is important to invest in running shoes of the right size and design. Wrong running can lead to major leg injuries. Likewise, wear clothes that are made of light and breathable fabrics.
  • Start slow
    If this is your first attempt towards becoming a runner, then you should take it easy. For example, instead of running right away, initiate your regime with a brisk walk. After a certain distance, get down to running. Do this until your body gets accustomed to the routine. After your body has built an adequate stamina for running, you can gradually let go of the brisk walks.
  • Focus on realistic goals
    As a beginner, learn to have an objective perception towards your capabilities. In the first few days, it’ll be hard to keep up with the desired results. However, you should also realize that as an amateur, your body will have some limitations. So, aim for realistic targets, no matter how small they are, to maintain a steady progress and to stay motivated.
  • Warm-up
    Before running, you should warm up by doing some stretching exercises. This will ease any muscle stiffness and regulate the body’s blood flow too. You can even do these exercises to cool down post running.
  • Join a running group
    As a beginner, it could be tough to remain inspired. To counter this, you can join a running group. Such groups include beginners like yourself and even seasoned runners. This will not only keep your spirits high but will also allow you to improve your technique as a runner.

If you happen to be above 50, then apart from the suggestions mentioned above, you should also stick to the following tips-

  • Consult your doctor
    If you’re over 50 and novice or someone who’s going back to running after a significant break then consult your general practitioner. This is important as you have to ensure that you are not exerting yourself with an undiagnosed health condition.
  • Regular strength training
    If you have lost muscle mass due to aging, then include strength training in your routine. At the same time, ensure that you follow a protein-rich diet to build back the muscle.
  • Avoid over-training
    As you are mastering the art of running and strength training, make sure that you take some days off to rest. On such days, the best you can do is be active in your daily tasks. However, if you want to workout, then take up low-intensity activities like swimming, brisk walks or cycling.