About Us

Our guiding principles
At Innerspark.online we equip our readers with the interesting articles and information about the latest in the everyday life. The content is chosen and written in such a way so to educate and keep abreast everyone who reads it regardless of background or skill level. Our writers aim to make content across categories – Health, Welness, Retirement, Fitness and Leisure for seniors more fun and attainable for the average everyday reader. Innerspark.online offers a full range of comprehensive articles, do-it-yourself tutorials, and tips and advice meant to demystify and illuminate the wonderful world we live in. We’re here to help you start something.

What we do
The Innerspark.online team is fully aware of how overwhelming all the news, information and social media posts can be. Yet we are bombarded by them every single day on every platform we expose ourselves to – mobile, tablet, computer. That’s why Innerspark.online is dedicated to demystifying, structuring and simply educating our readers.

Who we are
We are a group of coffee lovers (read addicts) who are passionate about the different going on around us. It’s impossible to read everything that’s thrown at us, so we decided to start a website which curates this content and makes it easy for the reader. We have started with categories which we believe you would be passionate in but if there are other subjects that you would like us to do this for, do let us know.