The Most Popular American Trucks of All Time

The Most Popular American Trucks of All Time

The splendid use of storage space as well as the well built structures of American made pickup trucks is often seen as a deal that buyers simply cannot ignore.

Read on for the most desired pickup trucks of all time:

1. Ford F-250 Highboy

The Ford F-250 Highboy is among Ford’s highest selling trucks. This is a pickup truck that comes equipped with a transfer case that sits further back which requires the truck as a whole to sit higher up; hence, the name Highboy. The Ford F-250 comes equipped with a fuel tank capacity ranging between 24 – 36 gallons, an above average range for a pickup truck, as well as a payload capacity falling between 2435 – 2650 pounds. Additionally, The Ford F-250 boasts one of the highest towing capacity compared to its competitors falling between 12,300 and 13,300 pounds. The Highboy sets itself apart with its reliability and consistency with many drivers stating that any need may have popped up, was addressed by this pickup truck.

2. Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado boasts an impressive 3-liter six-cycled diesel connecting to the vehicle’s 10-speed transmission. This allows the Silverado to have both reliable horsepower as well as a powerful torque force of 460 pounds. The vehicle is more than just a practical pickup truck. It also includes an 8″ touchscreen with features such as Apple CarPlay and other unique applications. USB ports are also available for all passengers in the crew cab Silverado. To complement these casual features, the Silverado’s Duramax diesel engine works incredibly smoothly making any everyday car ride or towing venture smooth sailing.

3. Dodge D-Series

While Ford and Chevy trucks hold fast in the American market today, Dodge D-Series trucks were something to behold during their time. This truck was easily able to blend business with pleasure as it boasted an impressive six person capacity with its crew cab constructions. Dodge’s series contained trucks that were reliable with features such as all-welded construction, thick cushioning rubber mounts, and preventative measures to defend against rusting. These trucks were able to handle towing trailers and loads of considerable weight with most of these trucks falling having GVWs ranging from 13,500 pounds all the way to 29,760 pounds. Although they are by no means glamorous compared to the trucks of today, these are trucks prioritizing longevity and efficiency.

4. Chevy El Camino SS

The Chevy El Camino SS stands the test of time as a unique part in the evolution of the American pickup truck. The El Camino SS was a vehicle that was adapted from Chevrolet station wagons instead of initially built to be a pickup truck. Although drivers are giving up some considerable loading and hauling capabilities, the El Camino SS is still able to tow comparably lighter loads with its capacity falling somewhere between 1,000 and 3,500 pounds with proper materials. A car that combines versatility and sleek aesthetic.

5. Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger was Ford’s initial step into building the strong, reliable pickup trucks they are known for today. The Ranger had such a cultural impact in fact that it’s being revived in the coming years boasting new features such as smart technology, keyless start up, and an improved terrain management system to handle off-road mobility as effectively as on-road.

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