Recognizing When it

Recognizing When it

Driving is one of the activities one often has to give up after crossing a certain age. As people age, their body experiences certain limitations that can affect some of their daily activities. Driving is one of the activities that can get obstructed by old age. As per law, there is no legal age to stop driving; however, there are ways one can monitor their driving abilities to decide when they should give up on driving. Some people suffer from certain medical conditions in their old age that affects their driving ability. In such cases, it is safe to give up the driver’s license for the safety of oneself and others.

Upon reaching a certain age, most people find that their reflexes are slow and their vision deteriorates. When people continue to drive despite these limitations, it becomes dangerous for those who are behind the wheel and for everyone else in the surrounding. Therefore, recognizing the right time to give up the driver’s license is important for everyone’s safety.

One of the ways to recognize this is by accessing the driving ability. People who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease should consider giving up their driver’s license. Having hearing or vision problems should be another reason to give up driving. People who are at a higher risk of a stroke or a heart attack should give up driving as well. Other health conditions that may obstruct your driving abilities include Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and diabetes. It is recommended to recognize when it is time to give up your license as it will be beneficial for the safety of you and others.

After turning 85, even a healthy person would face many limitations in terms of hearing and seeing. If a person needs help in daily activities, then it’s the right time to give up the driver’s license.

Seniors who often stop their car at wrong signals (green signal or when there is no stop sign), it’s a sign that they need to give up their driving license. Getting confused at traffic signals, running stop signs and red lights, having trouble parking, and getting lost on the way while driving are some ways to recognize that it’s the right time to give up the driver’s license.

There are therapy centers that help identify a person’s reaction time and vision as well as their ability to drive safely. This is done by running some tests. Such tests can help seniors know whether it is the right time for them to give up driving or not.

Family members can help the seniors with monitoring their driving abilities. It can be difficult to give up one’s driving license and privileges as one may feel dependent on others to something as simple as commuting. However, giving driving up after a certain age will only prove to be safe for everyone. When there is enough support from the family members and friends, giving up driving will not be as difficult as it may appear.

Upon giving up the driver’s license and driving, it may take a while for a person to adjust to the new lifestyle. Some cities have provisions such as mass transit and paratransit that helps with the day to day commute of the seniors. With the right help and support, adjusting to this new lifestyle becomes trouble-free.