Symptoms and Dangers of Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

Symptoms and Dangers of Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

Gingivitis is a condition that usually occurs among people with a low dental hygiene. It is a bacterial infection and causes an inflammation of the gums. If one ignores proper care of gums and no treatment, then the condition can quickly turn into periodontitis. The American Dental Association has noted that gingivitis and periodontitis are some of the major reasons for loss of teeth in the country. Apart from a low dental hygiene, there are a few other causing factors of gingivitis. Read on to look at the symptoms and risk factors of gingivitis.

Symptoms of gingivitis
The symptoms of gingivitis might not be very easy to gauge as they do not come across as massive changes in the behavior of the body. Once it is at an advanced stage, will you be able to tell the symptoms. In any case, here are some of the symptoms that can hint towards gingivitis.

  • A constant pain in your mouth due to swollen and red gums. You could also witness tender gums.
  • Bleeding from the gums while brushing and flossing and also while eating hard food.
  • A loss in the grip offered by the gums to the teeth, the teeth usually recede in such a case. This is one of the indicators that can help in gauging gingivitis.
  • A persistent bad breath. A bad breath can be caused by other factors, but it does not last for more than a couple of days in any other case.
  • In some cases, you could also see a change in the way your teeth fit while you chew or bite.
  • Other common symptoms for gingivitis include loose or separate teeth, pus between the gums and teeth, and sores in the mouth.

You must be careful of your oral health and the chances of acquiring gingivitis. Most people ignore these symptoms as they get subsidized with the help of certain over-the-counter medications. In fact, there are millions of people who aren’t aware of the existence of a condition that could potentially lead to tooth loss.

Dangers of gingivitis
One of the biggest dangers associated with gingivitis is the transformation to periodontitis. If the condition is left untreated, it can swiftly progress towards an extremely severe condition. Plaque and tartar are one of the most common causing factors of gingivitis, and it can be treated with the help of some medications and improvement in the oral hygiene levels.

Periodontitis is a following disease to gingivitis, only if the condition is not treated appropriately. This condition can damage a lot more than just your teeth and gums. In serious cases, the condition goes on to cause damages to the jawbone. It completely destroys the bone that supports the tooth growth and significantly damages the tissue. This condition is extremely common among people that develop gingivitis.

Loss of teeth
An extreme case of gingivitis or periodontitis can lead to loss of teeth. As periodontitis affects the gums, soft tissue, and the jawbone. It can lead to your tooth losing its entire grip from the lungs and getting uprooted.

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