Tips for Creating and Completing Your Bucket List
Wellness March 26, 2018

Tips for Creating and Completing Your Bucket List

A bucket list is usually a list that mentions all the things you wish to do before you die. Creating a bucket list helps give a sense of direction to your life. It acts as a great productivity tool as it helps you to set both, long-term and short-term goals that you wish to accomplish. At the same time, you need to remember that a bucket list is not only about writing all your dreams on a piece of paper but also achieving them.

Following are four tips that will help you to create and complete your bucket list.

Cover a broad variety of goals on your bucket list
Avoid limiting your bucket list to a mere ‘travel wish list’. Your bucket list should be a plethora of your own ideas that reflect you. It should not be a collection of common ideas that you found on the Internet. Personalize your bucket list. It should have things like visiting your ancestral home, scaling a mountain peak, learning a new language, cooking a dish that you might have never tried before, and running a full marathon. You could also add some specific ones like overcoming vertigo or the fear of oceans.

Plan your bucket list
A bucket list will always remain a wish list if you never plan on achieving the goals you have mentioned on your bucket list. Remember to prioritize. This will help you to acknowledge the completion of each goal, rather than getting disheartened on not being able to complete the full list. For instance, try competing goals that cost less and knock them off the list.

Make your bucket list as a living document
Review and revise your bucket list. Don’t be afraid to add new goals and modify existing ones. Feel free to remove goals from your bucket list that you no longer feel passionate about. At the same, don’t delete a goal from the bucket list only because it is difficult for you to achieve. Let it be challenging and change you to be a better person.

Share your bucket list
Most of us tend to create a bucket list that remains nothing but a piece of crumpled paper eventually. You can avoid this by sharing your bucket list with your family and friends. A new trend is catching up where people are starting a blog to share their bucket lists. This keeps them accountable to pursue their goals on the bucket list so that they can share their experiences with other people. Publicizing your bucket list allows people to share their opportunities with you. This can also help you achieve your goals easily.

A bucket list should not overwhelm you with more responsibilities and compel you to complete your goals. Rather, it should aim to enrich and give a new meaning to your life. Don’t be afraid to scrap the whole list if you feel too stressed out about working on it; take a step back for a while and start afresh.