Financial Tips for Recent Retirees
Retirement Planning

Financial Tips for Recent Retirees

If you have made one of the most difficult decisions of retiring, this is an article designed to provide you with efficient financial tips. Being financially secure during the time when you retire is as important as starting to save up from your first job. You need to take care of multiple things and look for other money-making avenues to have a financially secure future post-retirement. If you are thinking of working after retirement, then you need to take your fitness levels into consideration while deciding the right post-retirement job for you. Here are some financial tips that can help recent retirees.

Strong money back-up
Known more commonly as a cash cushion in retirement terms, a strong money back-up enables you to undertake small financial risks such as going on vacations or helping grandchildren with finances. The first tip would be to not enter retirement with all your money invested in stock markets. The market can come crashing down and it shouldn’t be taking all your savings along with it. You must have a financial back-up that enables you to make expenses for a minimum of two years. You should not have to sell one of your investments within this period. Hence, having a strong money back-up is essential.

Clear your debts
Going into retirement with a lot of debts to clear might not be the best way for you; you must clear all your debts before you get retired. When you retire, you will be living off the money that you have saved and some parts of your retirement fund. In worst cases, if you cannot clear all your debts, you must at least clear half of them so that you can clear the rest with the help of your retirement fund and savings.

Know the rules
Retirement financing has a set of rules that you might not be aware of. It is important for you to have a clear idea about them when you are retiring. You might not have to read about them in depth, but it is advisable to know a couple of them. You should be aware enough to know which IRA you are applicable for—Roth or traditional IRA. Furthermore, there are different claiming strategies for social securities that you must be aware of. You must check your social security account to know how you can claim a larger retirement amount if you wait till your retirement age. It is essential to know about these rules as you will be able to plan for your future post-retirement on a better way.

Estate planning
This might not be a very mentally-satisfying task for you, but it is one that will ensure a secure future. Now that you have retired, you must start preparing a will for your property, and if you already have, you must communicate it to your family. Estate is an important part of your financing, as it is an asset you can gain from in time of need. You and your family members must be prepared for the bifurcation of property as the transfer of your wealth and estate planning are two of the most important and inevitable things associated with the financial part of retirement.